Text Box: Universal White Time Healing — Distance Sessions — With Sally Trautner
Text Box: Universal White Time Healing


Distance Sessions with Universal White Time Healing are HIGHLY EFFECTIVE, GENTLE and VERY POWERFUL!!


Sally offers a selection of techniques that you can choose to utilize in customizing your White Time Healing sessions according to what you need as well as what Sally believes would ultimately benefit you the most. To get all your questions answered, Sally offers free initial consultations, by phone or email to determine together what to target for each session (for each session is unique in itself as you are different from day to day.)


The techniques used in White Time Healing are completely different than those of any other healing modality on Earth, and all of the techniques and any and all of our healing sessions are of the highest Standard and Quality and are totally safe. White Time is extremely protective and things like an energy transference from healer to patient or patient to healer are simply not even possible. Which means that you could never pick up anything negative from a White Time healer, nor could they take anything negative from you. It is a safe experience in every way and the benefits are incredible. Because White Time is so Light and is Pure and Total Love, it is also not even possible for anything bad, dark, or evil to come from it or of it, as nothing negative can travel through White Time. It is also reassuring to know that however strong White Time and some of the techniques that we use are, they will never cause damage, harm or distress in anyone or anything.


White Time always Uplifts, Cleanses, and Nurtures.


All White Time sessions are sealed into the body of the client and can continue to work for upwards of 4 weeks per session. It must be noted that depending on how badly the client needs and uses up the energy, it may be sooner that another session is needed.


Distance healing with White Time Healing is extremely powerful and can treat anything from physical to spiritual issues. These sessions are incredibly strong and life-changing experiences, clearing out all sorts of negativity and old useless garbage that can and does cause us problems in our lives and can and does hold us back from becoming and being who we really are. Sally does not need many details to send distance healing or to initiate a session, just the full name of the client and what they want to receive the healing for.


White Time Healing works on all levels and time frames of a person at the same time. This is true of distance as well as contact healing. It also works very well on situation healing and is totally organic and holistic and safe in every sense. There are so many fantastic benefits to receiving White Time Healing and sometimes, one session may be enough to resolve the issue(s). 


Guidance and all the support you need are always available to you without any judgment and in complete confidentiality. Sally will always respond to your questions as soon as possible and help you as much as she can.    


I believe that everyone can benefit in multiple ways from receiving White Time healing. I could fill a book with all that it has brought and improved and elevated and expanded and healed in my own life and those of my clients and students! Here is a testimonial:


From Kenneth Von Hopf, Scottsdale, AZ


 “I have had a lot of energy work done over the years and several times I have felt the effects of the session a day or so later.  Sally intuitively picked up on some stress I was experiencing, rolled up some sort of ‘energy ball’ and placed it in my abdominal area.  Within seconds I felt my limbs begin to tingle, I felt a few other physiological effects that were typical for the healing she was doing which I won’t mention here as they were symptomatic in nature.  Within a few minutes of her work she just politely suggested I sit down and drink lots of water for the rest of the day.  My stress was markedly diminished and I knew something happened that I was unable to explain.  Ya know that feeling you get when you eat Chocolate?  It was that instantaneous and more gratifying.  Thank you Sally, I don’t understand what you do but I can’t explain the workings of the Internal Combustion engine either.  I’m still driving and now, healing.  You are a true healer, Namaste.”


Schedule Your White Time Healing Distance session:

Please click one of the links below to purchase the Universal White Time Healing Distance Session of your choice. Sally will email you after your purchase, to confirm receipt, to let you know when the healing will be initiated for you, confirm exactly how long it will last and to promptly answer any questions you may have about your distance healing session or anything you may want me to know before the healing session begins in regards to the reasons for your initiating the session, etc.


I will need the full name of the client and the reason for the healing.


Please know that anything you share with me is in the strictest of confidence and will never go any farther. 



$60.00 (30 minute session)

$120.00 (1 hour session)

In this session we will choose a time for you to relax and receive Spiritual openings for spiritual harmony and growth.  



$60 (30 minute session)

$120 (1 hour session)