Text Box: Universal White Time Healing


Prerequisite: Level One


UWTH is connected more with the Universe, but receives Mother Earth’s energy and lets the Forces from both qualities meet in the heart. When you open up to the New and when you expand beyond the borders of what is known, you can enter into the Divine Unknown, the Holy Unknown. You can discover that there are worlds and beings and places Beyond the Beyond. You can cross the borders of imagination and cross beyond borders of reality. You can begin to put the pieces of a gigantic puzzle together that holds Everything in One Place or Unit. You can find out that Behind Everything is a Pattern and that Life is much more than you ever thought it was or even could be. You can discover your unique place in the puzzle and that you might even have many places that your Soul and Spirit reside in. 


Something wonderful is happening now as we go up to a New Era in the Universe and a New Era in Everything, not just a New Earth. Everything Everywhere is changing and going to a new higher level. This training takes a person beyond the borders of so many of the limitations that have been experienced on Earth. Universal White Time Healing does link us with the energies that are what you could say beyond. And that heals our separation and our isolation.



Some Things you will learn in Level Two: Advanced Course

In the second level of White Time, a healer begins to work with creating with the Mind. Here the foundation for the rest of the levels is laid.




· How to Create Light Tubes

· How to Create Light Walls

· How to put a Light Tube into a person

· How to put a Light Tube into a room

· How to Build Light-wall

· How to clear negative energies by using Light Walls

· How to clean a room with a Light Wall

· How to work with White Divine Blessings of Light

· Total Balancing with Ese (Love)

· Total Balancing with Ese on self

· Balancing Tall People

· A more advanced of aura cleansing/aura healing

· Cleansing of lungs

· Cleansing of stomach

· Golden Movement, Part Two

· Meditating on the Well of White Time

· A More advanced Chakra Balancing

· Emergency Chakra Balancing

· More on grounding people

· How to close up leaking energy

· You receive Upgrades or Elevations

· You open up the Healing funnel and it becomes bigger

· More on Healing with Ese

· About Life Energies

· How to work with the flow of energies in a room

· Upgrades


After completing Level 1 and 2, and receiving certain upgrades in frequency and ability, one can enter the First Step in the Higher School of Knowledge. In this level of White Time, there are more hidden Initiations by Angels, Cosmic beings and beings of Light as well as a big Initiation at the end of the class. The possibilities at this level are great as healers are trained to work much deeper and with new gifts and abilities.









Certified Level Two Course



Text Box: Level Two Class Schedule

Davenport, IA




Scottsdale, AZ


October 26-27 10:00am—6:00 pm


Tuition:  $395


Payment Options: $195 deposit with balance paid 3 weeks prior to class





Call 480 767-6200 with any questions or to schedule a course in your area.