May this pure love find its way into your healing hands

to be shared with many!


Prerequisite: A willingness for spiritual growth and for a new direct connection with Light and Love!!


UWTH is connected more with the Universe, but receives Mother Earth’s energy and lets the Forces from both qualities meet in the heart. When you open up to the New and when you expand beyond the borders of what is known, you can enter into the Divine Unknown, the Holy Unknown. You can discover that there are worlds and beings and places Beyond the Beyond. You can cross the borders of imagination and cross beyond borders of reality. You can begin to put the pieces of a gigantic puzzle together that holds Everything in One Place or Unit. You can find out that Behind Everything is a Pattern and that Life is much more than you ever thought it was or even could be. You can discover your unique place in the puzzle and that you might even have many places that your Soul and Spirit reside in. 


Something wonderful is happening now as we go up to a New Era in the Universe and a New Era in Everything, not just a New Earth. Everything Everywhere is changing and going to a new higher level. This training takes a person beyond the borders of so many of the limitations that have been experienced on Earth. Universal White Time Healing does link us with the energies that are what you could say beyond. And that heals our separation and our isolation.


Some Things you will learn in Level One: 



·  You will be have a basic understanding of White Time and will be

    connected to the Force of White Time for healing

· Information about what White Time Is

· The Well of White Time

· How UWTH is different from other healing modalities

· Who created UWTH?

· How to do hands-on-healing on others and on self

· How to do Distance healing on self and others

· How to Balance the chakras

· How to cleanse the Aura

· How to do Light touch healing

· How to do Accident healing

· How to do Animal healing

· How to do Planet healing

· White Time Healing as a Way of Life

· About Six Point Systems

· The Golden Movement, Part 1

· Powerful Healing Symbols

· Healing with Ese (Total Love)

· Information about The Golden Knights and

· The Sea of Creation

· Healing for the Earth

· How to do Weather Healing

· How to do healing on Matter

· How to do Headache healing

· Initiations: 13 big Blocks are removed in order to understand and take in the Force of Universal White Time Healing (Each normally takes 40 years of meditation)

· What happens inside the healer?

· The Healer as a person


And...Much much more!












Certified Level One Course

Text Box: Universal White Time Healing  

Tuition:  $440

Payment Options: $200 deposit with balance paid 3 weeks prior to class




Call 480 767-6200 with any questions or to schedule a course in your area






Scottsdale, AZ—2013


June 28: 6:30-10:00 PM

June 29—30: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Guerneville, CA —2013


July 19: 6:30-10:00 PM

July 20—21: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

West Orange, NJ


October 4: 6:30-10:00 PM

October 5—6: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Text Box: Level One Class Schedule

Medford, OR—2013




Thank you, so very much for the White Time Healing class. It was wonderful. I feel that I have increased my healing energy greatly. You put so much love & dedication into your teaching and the whole weekend you created was a joy! One of my sister students said it best, She commented on the Passion that is evident in everything you teach. Your passion & love made the class wonderful. I am honoured to have been a part of your class. I've use several other healing modalities and have to say that last attunement on Sunday was incredible. WOW! I loved the energy that flowed. Sally, I am so grateful to have you as my WTH teacher, mentor and now, friend. Blessings & Love to You Always. Linda G, Reiki Master

I am so fortunate to have had Sally Trautner as my Universal White Time teacher! She really embodies the work, knows and understands the material so thoroughly and communicates so well in a way that is easy and fun to learn. I truly grew and expanded throughout her courses in my personal development while I learned the White Time course material allowing me to be a WT healer helping others to heal in a truly profound and unique way. If you are considering taking the UWT healing courses, I recommend Sally for your teacher with all my heart!!!
Sophia G. Scottsdale, AZ (Level Four Student and Vibrational Medicine Practitioner)

“I have been fortunate enough to take many classes from Sally as well as personally experienced her natural healing techniques. Her classes are always organized, well thought out with great information and hands on workshop time. Sally is a wonderful person who has the courage to lead with her heart.” Robynn Garcia, Chiropractor