About The Beyond Classes 1,2,3,4 – The Beyond, The Before, and The Beginning

What is Reality? Where did everything existing come from and where is it all going? How do you fit in? What is Life? If Life is a Game, what are its Rules? What is its purpose? Who are the players? Who in the world are you? And who could you be in other worlds and places? Do you have one Higher Self or many? What is Spirituality? What has happened 200 million years ahead of schedule and is affecting you now? What is your part in all of this? What is the smallest yet strongest thing inside of you? How can you see The Big Picture? Could you connect to things that are Ultimate? Does Divineness have levels? Where are they? What is Divine? How can you know more? How can you expand the most in the shortest amount of time? What even is Time? Why are things like they are? What kind of an education is this? What can it do for you? Can you make a difference? Who are you, really? What is really going on?


Everything and everyone has a Beginning. Everyone and everything has an Origin and comes from Somewhere. We have all heard about and talked about looking at The Big Picture; a landscape of Reality that is like a Huge Puzzle with many smaller pieces fitting into it. Humans talk about trying to find The Bigger Picture of Life which implies having a totally different perspective than zooming into a smaller picture. With a Bigger and Wider vision of Reality, things that were hidden before become visible. The connections between everything become obvious. It is like looking at a countryside by standing on a hill versus looking at a countryside through a window in an airplane high in the sky. What if it were a spaceship? The difference would be so dramatic and so complete. So much more would be revealed. The viewer could see how cities fit into states fitting into countries that fit into continents and finally into one planet. The Higher you go up, the wider your vision of existence can be.


The Origin for everyone and everything is a region of Reality with levels that have been hidden, until now, from humans, Extraterrestrials, Angels, and Light Beings living on planets fitting into galaxies fitting into Universes fitting into something larger called a Color Creation. What if you could know what all the Creations ultimately fit into? This Picture of Reality we call The Beyond.


What if you could be lifted Higher up in your Spirituality so that you could view The Biggest Picture? What if you could see Where Everything in Existence actually comes from? What if you could become aware of the levels of a Huge Reality existing long before there were any people living on planets in any Creation? What if there was a Border that had hidden This Huge Reality from everyone living in any world until Now? Would you want to cross this Barrier? The Reality of The Beyond is a place that has The Highest Truth and The Holiest of Divine Energy. If there was an education that could reveal the Truth behind Everything, would you be interested?


Spiritual people talk about Oneness and an Original Power or Force that everything comes from. They may call it God or something else. But what if what you have always called God or Creator is also coming from something even farther away, than that? Wouldn't it be enlightening to understand The Holy Divine Structure of Life, what the First Things really were and why things have been as they are, as if in a Game unfolding with a Total Purpose? Would you be interested to understand Where the Oneness is and how you fit into it?


When a person begins a study of The Beyond, they will change dramatically along the way. Maybe you think you know who and what you are. But what if there was even more to your Ultimate Self than you ever realized? Do you want to open up to a completely expanded perspective of Truth? What if you could change the size of your perspective through a Life Changing class? Would you volunteer for this kind of a shift in yourself?


This education will open your mind and change your reality to more fit the True Reality. How can we say that for sure? Well, with an open mind, comes an open heart. And with an open heart, comes an open possibility and chance, for that heart to reach out and let the mind open even more. If something is really True, it will touch you in the mind, the Heart, the Soul, the Spirit and even more than those. From within inside of you, you will be able to feel and know this Home that you are always searching for.


In the way that humans have learned on Earth, there is generally a linear time line that is referred to, that has a beginning and moves toward an ending. But the human being on Earth knows very little, if anything, about The Beginning of Everything and how it All started. It could be said, also, that the human being on Earth knows very little, if anything, about where "everything" is going and what an "ending" could even be about.


Have you wondered what started everything? Have you wondered where it is all going? There is no place on Earth where answers like this to questions about the Origin of Life and Love and the Total Beginning have ever been shared.


Beyond 1, Beyond 2

While the first class lays a beautiful foundation of Understanding and Knowledge, that is sturdy and constructed to hold up the house, the second class is like the doors, windows and rooms to walk through into even greater Understanding in Spirituality.


Beyond 3, Beyond 4

With each successive Beyond course, it gets more difficult to write a synopsis of what the class is about. The third part is an experience of such refined and High frequency that it could be called life-changing. The Beyond 3 class reaches heights and levels not experienced before in any class situation on this planet. That is, until The Beyond 4 class.


While three parts of this education have focused across the Border separating Creations from Their True Origin, the fourth part of The Beyond classes goes even deeper. What if there was another Border to The Beyond, going the other way, into where The Beyond came from? But what if that were still not the True, True Beginning? Would you be interested in taking one more Huge Step into what was even before That? It is a whole other dimension for the mind to comprehend. It is said that "If there is Something that has no level of anything before It, that Beginning Place would hold the Key to Everything Existing, because that would be even more than The Totality of Everything Divine."


It could be said that: wherever the human being's understanding of "The Beginning" begins… there is a lot before that.


What if you could understand yourself to be a part of the largest Divine Quality existing? Could you let go of your current beliefs and open your hand for this education? Would you gift yourself with that? This education has reached into our Universe, and has turned the people in a new direction, toward their True Home and Origin. It has brought about deep unity, harmony, understanding and joy. What could it do for you?


Have you ever wanted to give something to your Higher Self? Now you can.

Most knowledges spread from the top downwards and other knowledges spread from the bottom upwards. Knowledge of The Beyond is the latter kind. Part of the wonder of this class is that your Higher Selves, guides, angels and many Masters can learn about The Beyond through your education.


But what if there were Higher, Higher Selves, that live in The Beyond and in The Before that you could connect to? Like an Ultimate Higher Self in The Beyond and a Higher Self in The Before? You could help everything existing in a direct way by reaching into these parts of yourself. Maybe we cannot travel to such places, but our minds, thoughts and Energy can reach into really big things, if we know how. Maybe you could have a bigger role in life than anything you have ever imagined, that would enable you to connect to things and work with things for the Highest Good of your Earth, your Creation and all the Creations, and even The Beyond?


Although it may sound impossible and far reaching, it is possible to open many doors if we have True Keys. True Keys kind of dust us off and help us to shine out more. And Shine can change a lot of things.


What if you were born to shine?


Everything and everyone are a part of The Beyond with their inner Essence. These classes help us connect with that Essence so that we can open ourselves up from this level to reach the Highest of it All. Amongst information, meditations and Initiations, there are hidden openings and knowledges behind the words, as it tells the story of the Very Beginning.


This Divine Knowledge has been hidden from everyone in all the Creations, until just recently, in the last few years. Channie brought it to the Earth, the lowest level, and by humans taking in this Knowledge, it began to spread to our Universe through the shared Soul of the Higher Selves of the humans who went to classes or took in this understanding. Now it is spreading all over our Universe. We live in The Blue Creation, with our Universe, a parallel Universe and a few small universes. This Knowledge is now being taught in all of the millions of other Color Creations. It is also being taught now on The New Earth. So far there are 4 levels of The Beyond Education taught on Earth. These classes can be received in physical classes as well as through on-line courses. They can be received separately, two at a time or all four at a time.


Excerpts from The Beyond 1 Course


“…Nothing became Something and later turned into Everything…”


“…Every person that is, was once a part of Everything before Everything became All. When 'The Sun' was born, it was bigger than Everything. It was All in the space of Nothing…”


“…People have hidden in Time. And people have hidden in Space. But this little known story has hidden from memory and been not-known and is Beyond Time and Beyond Space - hidden in The Beyond Beyond Beyond and back before it All became - and what is After Everything also. The Original Origin of All…”


"Because the thing is: that The Creational Word of the Blue Creation, in one way, is one thing. But then there is a Creational Word of the Yellow Creation and of the White Creation and all the other color creations. Those creations are like existing in a way where it is like a puzzle. If you put all the pieces together, you have a different Creational Word. All creations of everythingAragone is a gateway into Creation."


"There is an Aragone into every Color Creation, but they are not called Aragone.

In our Aragone, the Golden Knights can go into all the Color Creations.

They are all here now. They do not need to know who they are until they are 'ready.'

Then they will know their purpose and step forward and carry it out."


"Sea of Creation: What does it contain today? The possibility for everything existing - or to exist. A substance and the most important power of all is the power of The Word. A source of Energy - The Word - came from The Sea of Creation. Held as a blueprint by the Keepers?"


“…The Central Sun was created where the 1st Drop fell through into the Creation, before Nothingness…”


“…From the beginning of time, only the most Divine Masters could get to Aragone. Divine Masters at this level are people who are from the beginning of Everything. Aragone is not like a planet; it is like ribbons that are pushed together to make a shape that is round. Every ribbon represents a world or a dimension or a quality. What we can experience in doing things like meditations is the top of the ribbon, whereas The Golden Knights exist and work underneath, on the bottom side of the ribbon. From the beginning, only The Golden Knights could go there…”


"The Crystals: Created by The Golden Crystal Angels. The Crystals are in The Mountain and were touched by the One Active Ray to activate The Crystal Knights. The crystals created by The Golden Crystal Angels were crying to make a Creation. You could say the Crystal Knights were crying. The Crystals would become The Crystal Knights. The cry of the Crystals created a Clear Crystal Drop, which was the first to fall from the Well of Wells…”


“…One drop spilled over and became the first Drop of a Well that sprung into and became The Sea of Creation.

Contains Everything; the possibility for Everything.

It represents pure Divinity…”


“…Everything started with The First Drop. And The First Drop was the essence of the beginning of everything. The very beginning of everything…”


“…As long as The River of Rays has a motion, all the Souls have life everywhere…”


“…And it was written somewhere that Such Love Broke Itself into Pieces yet connected - by Energy of All Itself — For All To Come.

One thing only would Divide Out

Only to come back In together later...

The beginning touches the end and back again…”


About The Beyond Classes 1,2,3,4 – The Beyond, The Before, and The Beginning

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