Text Box: Universal White Time Healing

I am so fortunate to have had Sally Trautner as my Universal White Time teacher!  She really embodies the work, knows and understands the material so thoroughly and communicates so well in a way that is easy and fun to learn.  I truly grew and expanded throughout her courses in my personal development while I learned the White Time course material allowing me to be a WT healer helping others to heal in a truly profound and unique way. If you are considering taking the UWT healing courses, I recommend Sally for your teacher with all my heart!!!

Sophia G. Scottsdale, AZ (Level Four White Time Healer)


The Universal White Time Healing Course over the week-end was absolute bliss!  You put so much love in everything that you did and I want you to know how much we all appreciated it.  I felt quite honored to be part of this special teaching.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Kathleen, Massage Therapist


I enjoyed the UWTH class so very much this past weekend and have been working with the energy, symbols and golden movement ever since!  I find it very powerful- more so than my reiki.  I wanted to pass along some good news.  I found out late Monday afternoon that the job I was wanting came through and they made me a nice offer.  I accepted happily and will begin a month-long transition between my current job and my new job starting next week!  I had a good feeling about the job but the UWTH certainly helped everything move along swiftly!  Best of luck to you as you teach your second class in the next few weeks.  Let me know what the dates are of your class and I'll send some distance healing to you at that time to ask for even more energy to bless your class during that time.  Lots of love and light and eternal gratitude for sharing your talents and the gift of UWTH. Lauren, Ph.D., Reiki Master


Thank you for your wonderful sharing of the Egyptian Rods.  I am feeling so shifted today, slightly ungrounded but profoundly changed.  All my folks who joined me in Davenport had wonderful experiences.  You are so heart centered and loving.  I enjoyed your energy and know that you are fulfilling your "mission" in your healing work and through touching and changing so many lives with your magic (and I don't mean just the rods...which are astounding) but you. I am looking forward to you as a wonderful new connection in my life where ever that may take us. Nancy Joy Hefron, gifted channel and emotional healer


Thank you, so very much for the White Time Healing class. It was wonderful. I feel that I have increased my healing energy greatly. You put so much love & dedication into your teaching and the whole weekend you created was a joy! One of my sister students said it best, She commented on the Passion  that is evident in everything you teach.  Your passion & love made the class wonderful. I am honoured to have been a part of your class. I've use several other healing modalities and have to say that last attunement on Sunday was incredible. WOW! I loved the energy that flowed. Sally, I am so grateful to have you as my WTH teacher, mentor and now, friend. Blessings & Love to You Always. Linda G, Reiki Master


“I have had a lot of energy work done over the years and several times I have felt the effects of the session a day or so later.  Sally intuitively picked up on some stress I was experiencing, rolled up some sort of ‘energy ball’ and placed it in my abdominal area.  Within seconds I felt my limbs begin to tingle, I felt a few other physiological effects that were typical for the healing she was doing which I won’t mention here as they were symptomatic in nature.  Within a few minutes of her work she just politely suggested I sit down and drink lots of water for the rest of the day.  My stress was markedly diminished and I knew something happened that I was unable to explain.  Ya know that feeling you get when you eat Chocolate?  It was that instantaneous and more gratifying.  Thank you Sally, I don’t understand what you do but I can’t explain the workings of the Internal Combustion engine either.  I’m still driving and now, healing.  You are a true healer, Namaste.”  Kenneth Von Hopf


It is with great honor that I am sending this testimonial to Sally Trautner for her White Time Healing workshop. I recently took the Level 1 workshop and can tell you that the experience and the result have been nothing short of amazing! As a retired bodyworker and Reiki Master Teacher, the energy of White Time Healing is beautiful, gentle and amazingly powerful. The energy of White Time is difficult to describe; however, what I can say is that since having the Level 1 Initiations, my personal energy level and what I am attracting to me is stronger and is manifesting almost instantly!. The "fog" I was experiencing in my creativity and thinking has cleared. Sally, you are truly a "Healers Healer" and the gift you are sharing with teaching the White Time Healing technique is powerful and long term. I would highly recommend this teaching to anyone - even if you are not a practitioner in the healing arts. It can be used by the lay person as well as the professional. Even if you are already using any type of energy work in your practice, I would encourage you to add this modality to your credentials. It will enhance any work you are doing. Sally, thank you again for bringing White Time Healing into my life!   In Gratitude & Appreciation!  Sandy Rogers