Course Facilitator/Teacher

Sally Trautner has been studying and working with vibrational medicine and energy healing since 1995. She holds a BS Degree in both Fine Arts and Science. Sally owned and sold a successful Chicago / Los Angeles based advertising agency. She is also nationally and internationally certified in several vibrational energy healing modalities.


After having a personal health experience, she pursued her interest in Vibrational Energy Healing. Sally brings her traditional educational background together with her Vibrational Energy Healing skills to provide a unique and compelling experience to her clients.


She is certified in several healing modalities including Universal White Time Healingólevels one through four. She not only uses it in her private practice, she also travels and teaches this beautiful vibrational healing modality (levels One through Four) throughout North America. Her students include the average person who is interested in self care, as well as trained and licensed professionals in other healthcare related practices.


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