Protection Symbols

Text Box: Universal White Time Healing

LING OAOU will protect you against physical negative forces. They have not yet managed to get the right colors for LING OAOU.

TZITZAN will protect you against spiritual negative forces. This symbol can be in black/white or in color. 


What the different parts of the TZITZAN symbol mean: 

      1. The big red spot represents the place where the supreme light resides. (The Central Sun)
2. The red spots are the planets closest to the place where the supreme light resides. (Central Sun and the 4 Lightest Planets).
3. The triangle represents Knowledge.
4. The two strokes in an angle mean an entrance or a way in.
5. The circle means that the entrance in is closed.  

Together all the parts in the symbol mean that the way in to the light is closed for negative energies! 

Alliance Protection Symbol


The Alliance Protection Symbol Stands for protection inside of The Alliance for Good and the New Light. This symbol is also very powerful. Simply place a person's name or photo into the small center ring.

By doing that, you send Protection healing to the person. It protects from the ones who are outside of The Alliance, meaning evil in all of its forms, physical and non-physical, emotional, persons and energies, etc.


The symbol opens up for knowledge, power, strength and balance with the “Wholeness.” You can stand in the midst of darkness without being contaminated by it. Apart fro our other protective symbols, you only have to picture this  symbol for yourself and it will give protection. Other symbols must be carried. Of course, this symbol can be carried too!

With this third symbol, you build a defense against negative forces, both physical and non-physical. The red pyramid represents wisdom and knowledge. Knowledge is open to non-physical beings. The white pyramid balances all the negative energies. It clears physical energies. With this symbol, your knowledge is greater and it balances. The two red lines at the bottom represent Strength and Power.

These Symbols are Universal Symbols and were given to my Teacher by Channie Centara. 

If you want to protect yourself against negative energies or bring balance in your life – you can use these Light Extraterrestrial Protective Symbols - in Extraterrestrial language called TZITZAN and LING OAOU.


Be creative about how to use them. You can choose to put them on a wall, wear them in your wallet or have them with you in a car. The symbols will protect you from negative forces and help you balance your life. You can choose to use them, for example, if you are going through an emotionally turbulent time in your life or if your child has sleeping and no physical explanation can be found to the problem. You can place the symbols behind a bookshelf or behind a picture. You will discover many more applications for the symbols. However it is suggested that you do not place them behind something red. The color red shields off vibrations!