Text Box: Universal White Time Healing

Egyptian Healing Rods


The Sacred Power Tools of the Egyptian Pharaohs and High Priests & Priestesses. Modern science concluded that only 7 minutes of holding a set of the rods is equivalent to a 30 minute Acupuncture treatment.





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Nick Edwards Pyramids & Arkatron


Our Pyramid energy products, including the renowned Pyramid Sleep Systems, are the world’s finest Pyramid Products since 1975.

Nick Edwards' ARKATRON is the first re-creation of the Biblical "Ark of the Covenant".  Ark or arc means the same thing, a SEGMENT of a CIRCLE..  The 60 arcs and 30 unique mirrored connectors of the Arkatron form a beautiful sphere of six intersecting circles.  This sphere contains 20 triangles and 12 pentagons.  The overall design of the Ark forms hearts, stars and other powerful sacred geometry patterns. 







Crystal Sage Essential Oils


Pure therapeutic grade essential oil blends infused with crystal beads to enhance the vibrational frequency of the products. Blends are made into oils, AromaMists, Aura Butters, Goat’s Milk Soaps, Charcoal Oil Incense and Bath Salts.




Ascension Pendants


Pendants infused with energies with sacred geometry, sacred symbols, sound frequencies that are healing to the physical body, fifth dimensional symbols with frequencies that are healing & clearing and 9 crystals chosen to enhance the chakra balancing and clearing. The energies of the pendant balance the chakras instantly and bring peace, joy and balance to the wearer.




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