About Channie Centara

Earth Ambassador for Universal White Time Healing


Channie is an incarnated extraterrestrial of the light and also has an Archangelic quality. She has had physical contact with light extraterrestrials and Angels since the age of 5 years old, and they have taught her the knowledge and information that she teaches us on Earth.

She is an emissary of the light and part of her mission here is to help the Earth; she is constantly travelling into the Universe (both physically and with her soul) to connect with the beings that assist her and Earth and also does much work in her Earth body all around the world.

Her work is very instrumental in healing our planet, and she is always giving from an inexhaustible amount of love and patience to pass on the knowledge that is needed by humanity to learn, change, grow, and evolve.


She is a teacher in Universal knowledge's, teaching many things in different areas – technological, scientific, spiritual and also in White Time Healing, gemstones, and everything connected with the Universe. She teaches humans how to get in contact with the Universe, in order to understand and see things that are beyond. 


She works with scientists and inventors in many countries and has done medical research with doctors and professors in White Time Healing for over 4 years. She has authored two books in Swedish - about her life encounters and the knowledge's of the different levels of existence within the Universe. They are Diary of An Extraterrestrial and Diary of An Angel. The English translation of the first book is called My E.T. Diary and is now available. This book is like no other book that has ever been written on this planet. The title says it all. And the frequencies and high Light knowledge and encodements contained within it, will bring shifts and openings to a reader. 












Text Box: Universal White Time Healing

Universal White Time Healing is open for everyone, both young and old, and of any background or belief.

Because, the future and tomorrow, is what is important, not what is left behind, a person doesn't need to understand Spirituality before, and you don’t need to seek something afterwards.

No one has to change because it is ok to be who you are. The only side effect we have with this healing is that most of the people who receive or work with Universal White Time Healing become happier afterwards.

The healing art is Universal and the healer who gives it has not only received healing hands through the class teachings but has received also a more open and wider understanding of Spirituality.

Universal White Time Healing opens up the door.
The question is
"Are you prepared to walk through that door?"

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